LMS-6000 Series Function Contrast

Lisun LMS-6000 Portable color spectroradiometer is the only one used telephoto optical system in portable spectrometer illuminance meter, spectral resolution is 0.2nm, which can measure LED wide spectral light source and also can measure CFL, HID narrow spectral light source.

It can be calibrated automatically by itself. Do not worry that the dark background changed affects the measurement results. Minimum integration time can be 50us, which can measure stronger optical signal. With automatic zero calibration and zero compensation technology, the maximum integration time can be longer and it can measure weaker optical signal.

Lisun launches two models currently: LMS-6000 and LMS-6000P.

LMS-6000 can measure the light wavelength range from 380 to 780nm, illuminance E(lx), Candlelight E(fe), CCT(K), Duv, Coordinate x,y, Coordinate u,v, Coordinate u’,v’, SDCM, CRI, R1~R15, Irradiance Ee(W/m2), S/P, Dominant(nm), purity(%), half width(nm), Peak wavelength(nm), Center wavelength(nm), Centroid(nm), R Ratio(%), G Ratio(%) and B ration(%).

LMS-6000P is the update version of LMS-6000, it can also measure Eb(W/m2), Ey(W/m2), Er(W/m2), Erb Ratio, PAR(W/m2), Eq(umol/m2/s), Ep(W/m2), Fidelity Index (Rf), Gamut Index (Rg), Flicker index, Flicker percentage, fluctuation depth, flicker frequency.

Lisun is lead in light measurement instruments, welcome to consult.

Post time: 03/24/2017