Sharp Ordered LPCE-1 and LSG-2000 from Lisun Group

Lisun Group has successfully operated its first cooperation with Sharp Laboratories of America after the cooperation with PT. Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia. 

Lisun Electronics Inc. has got the vendor code of Sharp Manufacturing Co., which means that Lisun Electronics Inc. will be the long-term supplier for Sharp Worldwide Companies. This is not only the embodiment of the growth of Lisun Group, but more is the strength and ability of the company witness. This time, Sharp Laboratories of America has purchasedSpectrophotometer Integrating Sphere Test System LPCE-1 (IS-3.0M1010P) andGoniophotometer with Rotating Mirror LSG-2000.

Before this purchase, Sharp Laboratories of America has made a comparative analysis among Labsphere, Instrument System and Lisun Group. Compared with Labsphere and Instrument System, Lisun Group is a young company with rich experience in oversea market. Years of R&D practice, Lisun has developed a series of high-technology products which are lead inlighting test instruments over world. Superb quality and timely technical support contribute to Lisun Group’s final win for the order decision of Sharp Laboratories of America.

It is the second time for Spectrophotometer & Integrating Sphere Test System LPCE-1 (IS-3.0M1010P) and Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror LSG-2000 to go into North America after CS  Tech Mexico ordered them on September 29, 2011. LSG-2000 and LPCE-1 system is an indispensable detection means of lamps and lanterns test, used for the test analysis and the control of the quality of the lamps and lanterns. 

At the end of this July, our engineer will go to Sharp Laboratories of America for installation and training, more picture and information will be updated then.

In August, 2012, engineers from Lisun Group received gracious invitation and warm welcome from Sharp Manufacturing Co. and provided the installation and training service to our customers.

our engineers teach our customers how to install and operate the instruments, engineers cooperate very well with the people in Sharp and CS TECH company, everything goes so well with the installation and training work, several days later, our customers all know how to use the instruments to test products. they are all grateful for the intallation and training service provided by Lisun Group, then engineers finish installation and training service smoothly, the following is the picturtes taken in Sharp company please enjoy it.

Post time: 04/26/2012