Automatic Double Drop Test Machine
  • Automatic Double Drop Test Machine
Product No : DT-JT
Product Name : Automatic Double Drop Test Machine

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It is according to GB4757.5-84), GB/T4857.5-92,  GB/T2423.5, IEC68-2-27, JISZ0202-87, ISO2248-19, ISO2248-1985(E, ASTMD5276-1998 and ISTA3A. This series drop test bench for measuring the main simulation packages in the transportation, loading and unloading process under drop impact influence, identification package impact strength and packaging design.

The machine wills automatic stop positioning after sample reach up to the sated height position. According to the different size to choice the test distance between tests arms, electric pulse width. The release mechanism of machine are flexible and reliable, to ensure the sample without any external influence during the release of instant and free fall way, and make sure it meet sample’s dropping requirements.

• The drop height: 400-1500mm (or the specified)
• The maximum weight measurement: 60KG
• The maximum size: 2000*800*300mm
• Drop error: <1°
• The drop height error: ±10mm
• Drop method: Face, edge and corner
• Height standard: Motor rotation
• The machine height display by the digital measuring instrument, also combined with calibration function
• Drop method: Electromagnetic drive drop control, click on the drop button can be achieved test items drop test
• Reset mode: Manual reset
• Protection function: Install the limit protection switch on the upper and lower position of machine main lifting rod
• The external dimension of machine: Customized according to the test products maximum size to build which based on the actual size as
• Net weight: About 600KG
• Power supply: AC380V/50HZ
• Power: 4KW


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