Luminance Colorimeter
  • Luminance Colorimeter
Product No : XYL-VI
Product Name : Luminance Colorimeter

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The XYL-VI Luminance Photoelectric Colorimeter changes the traditional structure thoroughly, employs the digital X(λ), Y(λ), Z(λ) sensors to replace the traditional analogue sensors, employs the digital signal measurement system to replace the traditional analogue measurement system. The instrument has no analogue unit, thus it is very simple to overcome the zero drift that is impossible to be avoided in traditional colorimeter. The digital sensor has a large dynamic range. Moreover, it possesses strong anti-interference ability and it has high accuracy.

The XYL-VI Luminance Colorimeter contains internal RS232 computer interface. The calibration is done by software. It is suitable for monitoring and remote applications. The XYL-VI Luminance Colorimeter can be calibrated by XYL-VI Luminance Colorimeter software to sample the data and print out the results. It can also be corrected by other standard light sources to obtain very high measuring accuracy of x, y color coordinates and color temperature. It is a real-time measuring system and run under Windows2000/XP.

•  Luminance Y:
Relative spectral sensitivity of digital V(λ) sensor: f1<5.5%
Dynamic range: 10~1,000,000 cd/m2. Accuracy: <5%
Sensitivity: 0.01cd/m2. Repeatability: 0.01cd/m2
•  Measuring angle: 1 degree. Measuring distance: 0.7m to infinity
•  Color Coordinates x, y, u, v(u’, v’): (Luminance more than 10cd/m2)
Accuracy(x, y): ±0.002(CIE Standard A-source, 100cd/m2)
Repeatability(x, y): ±0.0005(CIE Standard A-source)
•  Color Temperature Tc: (Luminance more than 10cd/m2)
Dynamic range: 1350~25000K  Sensitivity: 1K
Accuracy: ±20K(CIE Standard A-source, 100cd/m2)
•  Temperature effect: -0.1%. No range-changing error
•  Refreshing frequency: 1n/s(no less than 10 cd/m2), 1n/3s(less than 10 cd/m2)
•  128×64 LCD display. Data hold function
•  RS232 computer interface and software
•  Power Supply: 9V Battery, 6V DC adapter
•  Size: 270*95*225(mm) (Tripod is option).


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