Multiway Life Tester
  • Multiway Life Tester
Product No : CH316
Product Name : Multiway Life Tester

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• Measure 16 samples at the same time, evaluate and record the life of each sample.
• Very flexible: Samples can be added and changed at anytime.
• The life of each sample is readable at anytime.
• The switch ON/OFF time is adjustable (Test period is min 1s).
• Automatically remember the test result when the power is off, and resume the old measurement when power is on.
• Sound and light alarm when the products were failed.

• Current range under normal load: 30mA~1000mA (RMS). Invalid if the load current is smaller than 30mA.
• Tested sample life range: 0~1,000,000 times.
• Switch on or switch off time can be set at: 1 second ~ 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.

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