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Solutions of Automotive Electronics Test

Publisher: 17 Sep, 2019

LISUN supply the test instruments and solutions for Automotive Electronics. The test solutions includes the Integrating Sphere and Spectroradiometer system, CIE A-α type Goniophotometer system for IES & LTD according to GB, SAE, JIS & ECE, EMS-ISO7637 Multifunctional Immunity Test System For Automotive Electronics, EMI Receiver System according to EN55015 and CISPR15-2018, IP9K Waterproof Test and Walk-in Dustproof Test Chamber according to IEC60529 and Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

1. Photometric, Colorimetric, Electricity and Flicker Test System

Integrating Sphere and Spectroradiometer Test System is for single LEDs and LED lighting products light measurement. LED’s quality should be tested by checking its photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters. According to CIE127-1997, IES LM-79-08 and IES LM-80-08, it recommends to using an array spectroradiometer with an integrating sphere to test SSL products.

• Colorimetric: Chromaticity coordinates, CCT, Color Ratio, Peak Wavelength, Half Bandwidth, Dominant Wavelength, Color Purity, CRI, CQS, TM-30 (Rf, Rg), Spectrum Test
• Photometric: Luminous Flux, Luminous Efficiency, Radiant Power, EEI, Energy Efficiency Class, Pupil Flux, Pupil Flux Efficiency, Pupil Factor, Cirtopic Flux, PAR and PPF (Only LMS-9000B/LMS-7000 can test PAR and PPF)
• Electrical: Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor (Option: VF, IF, VR, IR), Harmonic (Only LS2010 can test harmonic)
• LED optical maintenance test: Flux VS time, CCT VS time, CRI VS time, Power VS time, Power Factor VS time, Current VS time and Flux Efficiency VS time.

The LSRF-3 is equipped with Class A fast photometric probe, so the sampling speed is up to 100kHz. It fully meets the requirement of BASIC, Energy Star V2.1, IEC-Pst, CA CEC, ASSIST, CIE SVM, IEEE Std 1789 standards, etc

2. Goniophotometric System for Automotive and Signal Lamps

The Goniophotometer is CIE A-α type. It is according to GB, SAE, JIS, ECE standards and so on. The LSG-1950 is a standard version goniophotometer for Automotive and Signal lamps Testing which is suitable for the big automotive lighting company. The LSG-1950S is an economice version which is suitable for the small traffice lighting manufactory.

3. Object Color and Glossiness Test

4. EMC Testing for Automotive Electronics

Electrical and radio-frequency disturbances occur during normal operation of many items of motor vehicle equipment. They are generated over a wide frequency range and can be distributed to on-board electronic devices and systems by conduction, coupling or radiation.

In recent years, an increasing number of electronic devices for controlling, monitoring and displaying a variety of functions have been introduced into vehicle designs. It is necessary to consider the electrical and electromagnetic environment in which these devices operate and, in particular, the disturbances generated in the vehicle electrical system itself. Such disturbances can cause degradation (temporary malfunction or even permanent damage) of the electronic equipment. Moreover, “worst-case” situations are usually those resulting from disturbances generated inside the vehicle by, for example, ignition systems, generator and alternator systems, electric motors and actuators.

Immunity to radiated disturbances for vehicles:
ISO11451<Road vehicles-Vehicle test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy>
Immunity to radiated disturbances for components:
ISO11452<Road vehicles-Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy>, GB/T17619
Immunity to conducted disturbances for components:
ISO7637<Road vehicles-Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling>, GB/T21437
Immunity to electrostatic discharge (ESD) for vehicle and for components:
ISO10605<Road vehicles-Test methods for electrical disturbances from electrostatic discharge>, GB/T19951

5. Insulation Burning & Flammability test

6. IP Waterproof & Dustproof Test and IK Impact Test

The IP Waterproof Tester is according to IEC60529, IEC60598, IEC60335 and IEC 60034-5:2000. The JL-X includes the following test grades: IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7 and IPX8 (Refer to page 51 of IEC60529). LISUN supply the walk-in waterproof test chamber which inside size is more than 2*2*2m.

The IP Dustproof Test Chamber SC-015 is according to IEC60529, GB2423.37-89 (Test L: dust test methods), GB 4208-93 protective casing grade (IP code), GB/T 4942.2-93(protective casing grade of low-voltage apparatus), GB 7000.1-1996, GB 7001-1986(protective casing grade of lamps), DIN40050 and IP5K0. The SC-015 is applied in LED or other luminaries for IP5X and IP6X test. LISUN supply the walk-in dustproof test chamber which inside size is more than 2*2*2m.

The IK ratings are defined as IKXX, whereXX is a number from 00 to 10 indicating the degrees of protection provided by enclosures (including luminaires) against external mechanical impacts. The different IK ratings relate to the ability of an enclosure to resist impact energy levels measured in joules (J). IEC 62262 specifies how the enclosure must be mounted for testing, the atmospheric conditions required, the quantity and distribution of the test impacts and the impact hammer to be used for each level of IK rating. The IK test applicate on lighting luminaires test according to IEC60598 (GB7000) and IEC60068-2-75 (GB2423.55).

7. Enviromental Test Chamber

The enviromental chamber is used to simulate the luminaires working conditions, this kinds of test will be required for the outdoor lighting products.

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