Adjustable High Frequency Reference Ballast

Product No: HCS-109A

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HCS-109A Adjustable High Frequency Reference Ballast is also called High Frequency Current Source. Comparing to IEC Test Method, HCS-109A is an Equivalent Test Method which is economic solution. HCS-109A equipped with LPCE-2 high precision spectroradiometer integrating sphere system can also measure the photo, color and electricity parameters for high frequency fluorescent lamp.

• According to UL1993, HCS-109A is used to do input test, temperature rise test, leakage current test and harmonic distortion test for LED Type A tube direct replacement fluorescent tube.
• According to GB/T 10682-2002, UL1993-S and IEC 60081:1997, HCS-109A is used to test the high frequency fluorescent lamp such as T5 tube and power frequency fluorescent lamp such as T8/T12 tube. Please visit this page to learn more about How to Measure the High Frequency Fluorescent Lamp.

• Input voltage: 200V~240V, 50/60Hz
• Input Power: 80 W max
• Output Current: 130mA~400mA (Adjustable), accuracy: +/- 1%
• Output Frequency: 25kHz< +/-2.0% (Adjustable), accuracy: +/- 0.3kHz
• Output current total harmonic wave distortion: THD<2.5% (HF current wave)

Test connection one:
It can be connect with LISUN’s LS2050 High Accuracy Digital Power Meter and OSP1102 Digital Oscilloscope.

Test connection Two:
It can connect with LISUN’s WT5000 Electronic Ballast Tester and OSP1102 Digital Oscilloscope.


IEC60081 2002 Standard Free Download UL1993-S 2012 Standard Free Download