Life Test Rack

Product No: SY2036

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SY2036 LED aging and life test rack is fully designed according to the IEC standards, and it can also be designed based on the customer request. SY2036 can test all kinds of lamps and luminaires, such as LED, CFL, HID Indoor lamp and Outdoor lamp.

• PLC program and English/Chinese touch screen, easy for the operation and maintenance.
• Built in over-current protection system. When the load’s current becomes too high, the device will give alarm and switch off the output to protect the transformer.
• Contains 3 independent floors and can work separately, it can test different kinds of EUT.

• Input Power supply: AC220V, 50/60HZ, 12KVA Min (110V is optional)
• Built-in transformer: 0-250V 5KVA and 0-300V 5KVA (Other power is optional)
• Maximum power for EUT: 5KVA and 12A (Other power is optional)
• EUT and Number: 112pcs B22, 112pcs E27. 36pcs T5/T8/T12 Tube. 32pcs LED panel (Other EUT can be designed according to customer request)
• ON/OFF test: Can be set on the touch screen with program
• Test cycles: 0~99999(Adjustable)

Here are some photos about the standard aging rack:

LED Luminaires Aging Rack 1

LED Luminaires Aging Rack 2

LED Luminaires Aging Rack 3


Life Test Rack