Car Interior Materials Burning Tester

Product No: ZRS-4H

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The ZRS-4H Car Interior Materials Burning Flammability Tester is designed according to GB8410-2006, DIN-75, FMVSS302, ISO379 and ASTMD5132 standards. It is for auto parts flammability test.

• Test Gas Source: Gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Suggestion: Use good quality gas if possible)
• Burner inner diameter: ¢9.5±0.5mm, about 100mm long with air adjusting hole
• Height of flame: Adjustable from 20 mm to 100 mm according to the standard requirement
• Applying time of flame: Burning time can be adjusted from 0 to 99 minutes 99 seconds
• Test process: Automatic control
• Inner volume: 0.05m³
• Material: Stainless steel or iron plate spray
• Power supply: AC 220V/5A; 50Hz


DIN-75-200 1980 Standard Free Download