Adjustable Reference Standard Ballast

Product No: DYJ

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According to Double end fluorescent lamp of IEC 60081 (GB/T10682) and the single-ended fluorescent lamp of IEC60901 (GB/T17262), ANSI C78.81 and ANSI C82.3, DYJ Adjustable Reference Standard Ballast is used to test for 4w~85w fluorescent lamp and electronic ballast test.

• Inductance: 0~1240Ω (adjustable)
• Inductance Power Factor COSφ: 0.075~0.120
• Resistance: 0~111Ω (adjustable)
• Current Range 0.150~0.670A (Imax: 1A)
• Order Code: DYJ-50HZ is for 50Hz lamp test and DYJ-60HZ is for all 60Hz lamp test

According to IEC60188, IEC60662 and ANSI C82.5, Lisun Group developed the DYJ-HID Standard Ballast (Reference Ballast) to test the HID lamp, HID ballast, High-Voltage Mercury Lamp, High Voltage Sodium Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp and Halide Reactor. More information, please contact Lisun Group.


DYJ-60Hz Calibrate Certificate IEC6008-1 2002 Standard Free Download IEC60901 2004 Standard Free Download