Wire Cable Flame Tester

Product No: RSB-WC

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The wire & cable flame tester is used to test and evaluate the combustion characteristics of a single insulated wire or cable according to IEC60332-1-1, GB18380.11/12-2008, GB18380.1-2001 and IEC60335-1(GB4706.1) standards. The combustion box of the test equipment is made by iron plate spraying and it is resistant to smoke corrosion. It is a highly intelligent device with digital time display, automatic control of test procedures, easy to use and stable and reliable.

• Combustion box internal dimensions: W300*H1200*D450mm
• Gas: High purity propane gas (Prepared by user)
• The tested wire/cable length: 600±25mm
• The outer diameter of the tested wire: the conductor diameter is greater than 0.8mm or the cross-sectional area is greater than 0.5mm2
• The flame should continuously burning the sample and the flame burning time T range is 0.1-999.9 (seconds) continuously
• Gas flow range: 0.1-1L/min; Air flow range: 3-30L/min; Box material: Iron plate spraying
• Standard power of combustion burner: 1kW
• User need to prepare air compressor