Adjustable Resistance Ballast

Product No: RB-3

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RB-3 is designed according to the following standard requirements: IEC 60929 (GB/T15144), ANSI-ANSLG-C78.81, ANSI-ANSLG-C82.11, IEC62776, GB/T-15144 double-ended fluorescent lamp adoptting the IEC 60081 (GB/T10682) and the single-ended fluorescent lamp adoptting the IEC 60901 (GB/T17262)

The RB-3 works with HFP-800 (High Frequency Power Supply ) and LPS-3 (Auxiliary Power Supply) to be an IEC Standard Test System which used to test the Frequency Fluorescent Lamp such as T5 Tube. Please visit this page to view How to Measure the High Frequency Fluorescent Lamp

• Available current range: 0~0.700A
• Impedance range: 100~2047Ω
• Impedance tolerance range: ±0.5% (Under calibration current). ±1% (Any current between 50% calibration current)
• Within the range of impedance: series inductance of impedance is less than 0.1mH, parallel connection capacitance is less than 1nF

High Frequency Fluorescent Lamp Test System


RB-3 Calibrate Certificate ANSI-ANSLG-C78.81 2013 Standard Free Download ANSI-ANSLG-C82.11 2011 Standard Free Download ANSI-C78.81 2010 Standard Free Download ANSI-C78.81 2014 Standard Free Download IEC60081 2002 Standard Free Download IEC62776 2014 Standard Free Download GB/T-10682 2002 Standard Free Download GB/T-15144 2005 Standard Free Download GB/T-17262 2002 Standard Free Download IESLM-79-LM-80 Chinese Version Free Download


HFP-800 High Frequency power supply and RB-3 Adjustable Resistance Ballast for High Frequency Fluorescent Lamp Test