A Molding Integrating Sphere

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IES LM-79 Clause 9.1.2 requests the 4π geometry configuration and 2π geometry integrating sphere for the LED testing. LISUN developed the photometric integrating sphere with side assistant opening with a molding technology to meet the requirements. The IS-*MA**C/IS-*MA**P integrating sphere has all of the specification of IS-*MA.

LISUN developed A Molding Technology to produce the sphere. A Molding Integrating Sphere will be more round and the test results will be more accuracy than the traditional integrating sphere. The traditional integrating sphere is made up of several pieces.Please click to learn more about the difference of the traditional integrating sphere and A molding technology integrating sphere.

A Molding Integrating Sphere VS The Traditional Integrating Sphere

A Molding Integrating Sphere VS The Traditional Integrating Sphere

• Painting material of integrating spheres is according to CIE Pub.No.84 (1989) and IES-LM-79 Standard.
• The painting material is BaSO4 coating: ρ (λ) ≥0.96 (450nm~800nm) and ρ (λ) ≥0.92 (380nm~450nm)
• Fine diffuse reflection: Reflectance ρ≈0.8 and accuracy of ρ (λ) <1.5%
• Build-in all functional lamp testing jigs: for E40/E27, T5/T8/T12 tubes and the testing holder base for LED and other luminaires. All samples under test can be installed both up and down directions in the sphere.
• Power cable, power terminal and auxiliary lamp position are built-in (Auxiliary lamp is optional).
• Power cable and socket are build-in. It is convenient to power on the lamp under test
• Two photo detector ports, one optical fiber port and temperature sensor hole are built-in
• Build-in cross laser can help to install the standard lamp and the lamp under test in the center of the integrating sphere

LISUN Model Side Opening Size
IS-1.5MA55C Diameter is 500mm
IS-1.5MA55P Square 500*500mm
IS-1.75MA66C Diameter is 600mm
IS-1.75MA66P Square 600*600mm
IS-2.OMA77C Diameter is 700mm
IS-2.OMA77P Square 700*700mm
IS-2.5MA88C Diameter is 800mm
IS-2.5MA88P Square 800*800mm
IS-3.0MA1010C Diameter is 1000mm
IS-3.0MA1010P Square 1000*1000mm

P.S. Other size integrating spheres can be customized according to customer‘s requirement.

The cross laser in the integrating sphere


CIE-84 1989 Standard Free Download IES-LM-79-08 2008 Standard Free Download


A Molding Integrating Sphere


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