Electronic Ballast Tester

Product No: WT5000

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WT5000 Electronic Ballast Tester is the updated version of WT3000 with a super LCD for displaying waveforms and parameters directly, and it includes all the functions and technical parameters of WT3000. Reports can be printed if printer is connected. It also meets the latest requirements for electronic ballasts in international standards IEC 60929, IEC 60969, IEC 61000-3-2, GB/T15144-2005, GB/T17263-1998 , GB/T-17625.1 and so on.

• WT5000 has expanding analysis for envelope wave
• WT5000 has Super LCD which can display the test report directly but no need to connect with PC
• Communicate the PC via RS-232, the English software can be run in WinXP, Win7 and Win8
• Accuracy for Voltage, Current and Power: ± (0.1% reading+0.1% range+1 word)
• Accuracy for Power Factor: ± (0.002+0.001/reading+1 word); Accuracy for Frequency: ±0.1% reading
• Accuracy for Harmonic (Virtual Value): ± (0.1% range+5% reading)
• Accuracy for Imported Cathodic current: ± (1% reading+1% range+2 word)
• Accuracy for Oscillation frequency: ± 0.5% reading

• Input Parameters Measurement:
1) Test voltage, current, power, power factor, power net frequency, total harmonic and 0~39 harmonic.
2) Range of voltage and current basic wave frequency: 45Hz~65Hz
3) Range of voltage: 10.0~300.0V (virtual value); Range of power: NR: 0~450.0W; WR: 0~999.9W
4) Range of current: NR: 0.010~1.500A (virtual value); WR: 0.010- 4.500A (virtual value)
5) Range of power factor: 0.000~1.000

• Output Stably Parameters Measurement:
1) Test lamp voltage, current, power, filament current, imported cathodic current, crest factor, oscillatory frequency
2) Range of lamp voltage: 10.0~300.0V; Range of lamp power: NR: 0.5~200.0W, WR: 0.5~400.0W
3) Range of lamp current, filament current and imported cathodic current: NR: 0.010~0.750A; WR: 0.010~1.500A

• Output Startup Parameters Measurement:
1) Test preheats time and lamp voltage, current, filament current, changing curve and data of imported cathodic current within 0 to 5s.
2) Range of lamp voltage: 10.0~800.0V; NR: 0.010~0.750A, WR: 0.010~1.500A
3) Range of lamp current, filament current and imported cathodic current


WT5000 Electronic Ballast Tester Brochure IEC60929 2011 Standard Free Download IEC60969 2001 Standard Free Download GB/T-15144 2005 Standard Free Download GB/T-17263 2002 Standard Free Download GB/T-17625.1 2003 Standard Free Download


Electronic Ballast Tester