Programmable AC Power Source

Product No: LSP-500VAC

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LSP-500VAC/LSP-1KVAC Programmable AC Power Source Supply combined with high power, low harmonic, high stability pure sine wave and power meter functions. It’s suitable to power on electronic ballast, CFL and low power household appliances. It has following characteristics:

• Applied with the AC-DC-AC inverter technology and digital waveform synthesis & waveform feedback technology, low distortion power;
• Applied with entire cycle high-precision measurement technology and high-speed sampling technologies, panel of instrument will directly and accurately displays the power output of the voltage, frequency, current, active power and power factor to achieve the integration of the source table;
• Applied with SCM control and measurement technology, high intelligence;
• Applied with zero output impedance technology, the output equivalent impedance is almost zero and further improve the stability of power supply;
• Applied with isolated floating output technology, the power output and input have good isolation, floating output, conducive to make sure power itself safety and operator’s safety;
• Perfect voltage, current anomalies and overheating protection, improve the reliability of power supply;
• Applied with power limiting technology to avoid strong interference on the power grid and other electrical equipment, while facilitating reliable operation of the power supply itself;
• The input voltage can be option via a toggle switch of panel mains 110V/220V;
• The initial phase and end phase of the output voltage waveform can be set {0°-359° (±1°)};
• Measurement process can be programmed to control (1 to 50 memory groups, 1 to 9 steps for each memory group);

• Input voltage: 110VAC or 220VAC ±10% 50/60Hz;
• Output frequency setting: 45.00-500.00Hz;
• Output phase setting: 0°-359° (±1°);
• Output voltage setting: AC 0.0-300.0V;
• The total voltage distortion: ≤0.2% (No load or full load resistive load);
• Voltage stability ≤0.1%/30 minute);
• Equivalent resistance ≤0.1 (Zero-resistance design);
• Load Regulation: ≤0.1%;
• Frequency stability: ≤0.05%/30 minute;

LISUN Model Output Power Specification
LSP-500VAC 500VA 0~150V is 4.2A and 150~300V is 2.1A
LSP-1KVAC 1KVA 0~150V is 8.4A and 150~300V is 4.2A

Note: LSP-500VAC and LSP-1KVAC are RS-232 port. LSP-500VAC-RS485 and LSP-1KVAC-RS485 are RS-485 port