IEC60598 Safety Tester for product line

Product No: LS9955

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The LS9955/LS9956 Automatic Safety Test System is according to GB4706.1, IEC/EN60335-1, UL60335, GB7000, IEC60598, GB4943, IEC60950 and GB9706.1. It is used for luminaries, home application and motor tools safety test in production line or R&D Lab.

• Remote control device (Optional)
• Display all setting parameters and testing results in the same big LCD menu
• PASS/FAIL limit values can be set. It has alarm sound and indicator light
• Test mode programmable;  50 groups setting available, 8 test steps per group
• Quick discharge
• Support 50Hz and 60Hz frequency; Electric safety wall detecting feature
• The LS9955 can do test for Withstand Voltage (AC/DC), Insulation Resistance (IR), Leakage Current (LLC) and Ground Resistance (GR)
• The LS9956 can test for Withstand Voltage (AC/DC), Insulation Resistance (IR), Leakage Current (LLC), Ground Resistance (GR) and Power


Withstand Voltage Test (AC/DC) Insulation Resistance Test (IR)
Voltage Range Accuracy Current Range IR Range Accuracy Voltage Range
100~4000V ± (5%+3V) AC: 0.10~20.00mA
DC: 0.10~12.00mA
1.00~2000MΩ 5% + 0.5MΩ DC100~1000V
Leakage Current Test (LLC) Grounding Resistance Test (GR)
LLC Range Accuracy Voltage Range GR Range Accuracy Output Current
0.10~20mA ± (0.3%+5uA) AC10.0~300.0V 0~600mΩ ± (5%+2mΩ) AC1.00~30.00A
Power Test
Voltage Current Power PF Accuracy Test Time
10~300V 0.010~20.00A 1.0~6000.0W 0.2~1.0 Class 0.5 0~999.9s



LS9956 Calibrate Certificate IEC60335-1 2001 Standard Free Download GB-4706.1 1998 Standard Free Download GB-4706.1 2005 Standard Free Download GB-7000.1 1996 Standard Free Download IEC60598-1-2003 A1-2006 Standard Free Download


IEC60598 Safety Tester for product line