UV Lamp Test System

Product No: LPCE-2(LMS-9000BUV)

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The LPCE-2(LMS-9000BUV) UV Lamp Test System is used to test the UV lamp (light source) Spectrum, Radiant, Efficiency, CRI, CCT, UVA, UVB, UVC radiant and electric parameters. The system includes the following instruments:

1. LMS-9000BUV High Precision UV Spectroradiometer:

Chromaticity coordinates, Peak Wavelength, Relative Spectral Power Distribution, Radiant Power, ect.

• Spectral Range Wavelength: 200-400nm(UV)
• Spectral Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm(UV)
• Integration Time: 0.1mS-60S
• Stray light: <0.015%(600nm), <0.03%(435nm)
• Accuracy of Chromaticity Coordinate (Δx, Δy): ±0.0015, ±0.0005 (under standard A lamp)
• Photometric linear: ±0.3%

2. CFS-1.2M Silica Fiber
Mainly used for optical signal transmission between LMS-9000BUV spectroradiometer and dark case.

3. CASE-UV036 Dark Case for UV Test
Provide testing environment for UV light source. The internal dimensions is 60*60*100cm

4. SLS-UV UV Standard Light Source with Calibrate Current (Optional) (It is used for calibrating the test system. If you don’t choose this item, LISUN will build the calibration coefficient into the LMS-9000BUV spectroradiometer):

The UV spectrum calibration system includes a UV standard light source and a Special power supply for UV standard light source. The standard light source is a deuterium light source. Deuterium lamp spectrum is continuous, it is an ideal UV light source for photometric analysis instruments. In order to ensure the stability of the light source and prolong its service life, the standard light source is equipped with a special power supply.

Preheating voltage: 2.5V
Preheating current: 4A
• Trigger voltage: 350 (V)
• Lamp current: 300mA
Wavelength range: 190~400nm


LPCE-2(LMS-9000BUV) UV Lamp Test System Brochure