Programmed dielectric withstand voltage tester

Product No: LS9923

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LS9923 programmable withstand voltage & insulation tester use to do electricial products safety parameters measurement. it’s widely application at household appliances, electronic instrument, electronic equipment, electronic components and wires & cables industry, etc safety test. It fully meet the IEC60335-1, GB-16916.1GB-4706.1, GB-7000.1, GB/T-24344, IEC60598-1 Standard.

This product include remote stick operation, Pass/Fail judgment function, sound & light alarm function and test time automatic control function, etc. Easy operate, look nice and fast over-current cut off, etc.


 Withstanding Voltage  Output Voltage Range  AC/DC Max 5.00KV
 Output Voltage Accuracy  ± (2%+3bits)
 Breakdown Current Range  AC/DC: 0.10~12mA
 Test time  0~999.9s
 Output Frequency  50Hz/60Hz
 Insulation Resistance  Output Voltage Range  DC Max 1.00KV
 Output Voltage Accuracy  ± (2%+3bits)
 Insulation Resistance Range  1.0~2000MΩ
 Insulation Resistance Accuracy  ± (5%+3bits) <100MΩ and ± (10%+5bits) >100MΩ
 Test Time  0~999.9s


IEC60335-1 2001 Standard Free Download GB-16916.1 1997 Standard Free Download GB-4706.1 2005 Standard Free Download GB-7000.1 1996 Standard Free Download GB/T-24344 2009 Standard Free Download IEC60598-1-2003 A1-2006 Standard Free Download


Programmed dielectric withstand voltage tester