High accuracy electronic components of digital Oscilloscope

Product No: OSP1102

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Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The OSP Series Digital Oscilloscope was designed and produced by high accuracy electronic components and modules. The test accuracy is world high class. It is used in all kinds of electronic products testing

LISUN Model Channel Width Sample Rate Vertical Resolution Screen Size
OSP1102 Double Channels 100M 1G 8bits 7Inch
OSP3202E Double Channels 200M 1G 8bits 8Inch
OSP3302 Double Channels 300M 2.5G 8bits 8Inch
OSP3202A Double Channels 200M 2.5G 14bits 8Inch
OSP3104E Four Channels 100M 1G 8bits 8Inch
OSP104AE Four Channels 100M 1G 14bits 8Inch
OSP3204E Four Channels 200M 1G 8bits 8Inch
OSP3204AE Four Channels 200M 1G 14bits 8Inch


How to use OSP1102 digital oscilloscope to check the waveforms of surge generator