LED Driver Automatic Test System

Product No: ATE-2

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ATE-2 LED driver automatic test equipment is applied to the production line for the finished products testing. With features of simplified operation and nice-looking, the workers can operate it at very short time. This system can meet the requirements of IEC62384, GB24825-2009 and other relative standards.

•This system includes 2 groups (left and right); the 2 groups can work in turn, so that to improve the work efficiency. For example, if the left is on working, then the right can make wire connection.
•It can test 4 LED drivers input and output at one time.
•The equipment can connect with electronic load and LED load, the two difference loads can be fast switch under the control of computer.
•Enable to print out the series number and parameters of sub-quality products by working with a micro-printer,
•Enable to achieve the bar-code record function by working with a bar-code scanner.
•The test report can be saved as Excel file for consult, statistic and analysis purpose.
•Good software interface to freely choose the difference parameters combination, so that to meet different demands. All the parameters can set limit, and with the quality analysis function.


Item Test Range Tolerance Test Condition
Voltage  AC: 3~300V (CF=1.67)  ±(0.1%reading+0.1%range+1digit) 45~65Hz sine-wave Calibration validity: 12 months
 DC: 3~500V
Current  AC: 5mA~2.7A (CF=3)
 DC: 5mA~8A
Power  AC: 0.015~800W
 DC: 0.015~4000W
Power Factor  0.000~1.000  ±(0.002+0.001/reading+1digit)
Frequency  45Hz~65Hz  ±0.1% Reading
Harmonic  Total harmonic and 2-11 times harmonic component  ±(0.1% range+5% Reading)
Surge Current  50mA~100A  ±(0.5% range+0.5% range+1digit) Square wave with pulse width greater than 10μs
Calibration validity: 12months
Lamp Voltage  AC: 3~300V (CF=1.67)  ±(0.1%reading+0.1%range+1digit) 45~65Hz sine-wave Calibration validity: 12moths
 DC: 3~500V
Lamp Current  AC: 5mA~2.7A (CF=3)
 DC: 5mA~8A
Lamp Power  AC: 0.015~800W
 DC: 0.015~4000W
Ripple Current  Max: 5mA~8A  ±(1%reading+1%range) 20-70kHz sine-wave


IEC62384 2006 Standard Free Download IEC62384 2011 Standard Free Download GB/T-24825 2009 Standard Free Download IEC62384 2006 Chinese Version Standard Free Download