IEC60695 High Quality Leakage Current Tracking Test Chamber

Product No: TTC-1

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The TTC-1 Tracking Test Chamber is according to IEC60695 and IEC60112 (GB4207) for determining the degree of protection against formation of conducting paths in solid insulating materials, due to the electric stress and electrolytic contamination of the surface. This method simulates tracking currents on insulation material by providing drops between electrodes. During the process of normal use, insulating material may be exposed to moisture and dirt, and may cause stress and fire hazard if it is conductive.

• It uses rectangle size of platinum electrode. Each electrode can force to the sample with 1.0±0.05N, and it is adjustable according to the standard.
• The testing voltage is 100~600V (48~60Hz) which can be adjustable
• When the short-circuit current is 1.0±0.1A, the voltage drops will be no more than 10%
• Equipment will stop the test automatically if the short-circuit current is higher than 0.5 A and last for 2 seconds during the testing. That is, the sample didnot pass the test.
• The liquid drop device can make the liquid height from 30~40mm (adjustable), and liquid size is 44~55 drops/1cm3. The interval of drops is 30S±5S (adjustable)
• Internal dimensions: 800x800x800mm and external dimensions: 1120x520x1250mm (Special size can be designed as customer’s request)

To save the delivery cost for the oversea market, LISUN designed a compact version Tracking Tester which gross weight is less than 50kg. (Customer need to prepare additional ventilation system for TTC-1S)

TTC-1S Tracking Tester (Compact Version)

TTC-1S Tracking Tester (Compact Version)


TTC-1 Calibrate Certificate IEC60112 2003 Standard Free Download GB/T -4207 2003 Standard Free Download


IEC60695 High Quality Leakage Current Tracking Test Chamber