Electromagnetic Shielded Cabinet

Product No: SDR-2000B

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The SDR-2000B/SDR-800S Magnetic Shielding Cabinet is design according to GB/T12190, GJB5792, IEEE std299 and EN50147. The SDR-2000B/SDR-800S can work with EMI-9KB/EMI-9KA for EMI Testing to avoid the enviromental Electromagnetic Interference:

Product Model SDR-2000B SDR-800S
Cabinet Shell 2mm galvanized cold-rolled steel sheet
Cabinet Door 0.9*1.7m(L*W) 0.6*0.6m
Cabinet Window 0.3*0.3*0.025m(L*W*T) with 4mm hole N/A
Power Supply Filter 30A/220V 30A/220V
Internet Line Filter RJ-45 N/A
Cabinet Inside Decoration PVC ceiling, PVC plastic steel wall, 10mm wooden + 2mm galvanized steel sheet floor
Cabinet Inside Size 2*1.2*1.8m 0.8*0.8*0.8m
After Packing Size 2.2*2.3*2.3m 1*1.1*1.2m
After Packing Weight 800kg 200kg
Work With EMI Receiver EMI-9KA/EMI-9KB, PC, Testing load, and operator inside Testing load is inside to connect with EMI-9KA/EMI-9KB via BNC

NOTE: Other size of magnetic shielding chamber can be designed.


EN50147-1 1996 Standard Free Download IEEE-STD299 2006 Standard Free Download GB/T-12190 2006 Standard Free Download GJB-5792 2006 Standard Free Download