IEC884-1 Pull out device

Product No: BCL-1

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This Pull out test device BCL-1 is designed and manufactured according to relevant standard requirements of IEC60884-1 IEC884-1/ GB2099.1-2008 and other electrical accessories standards, Mainly used to test the needed maximum force when the plug pull out from socket and the minimum force when single stage plug pull out from socket, and to inspect whether the socket can withstand the lateral stress imposed by electric plug into the socket. This device is applied to plugs and sockets which rated voltage no more than 250V and rated current no more than 16A.

• Weights: 36N*1, 5.4N*1, 5N*2, 4N*1, 2.6N*1;
• Standard testing plug: each one for Dipolar 10A, tripolar 10A and 16A
• Standard test bolt: Each one for 1.5N and 2N
• 1 set of clamping device
• 1 set of Weights tray
• Lateral stress weights 5N*1
• 1 set of lateral stress bar