High Automatic Goniophotometer

Product No: LSG-1950S

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LSG-1950S is a high accuracy automatic test system for luminous intensity distribution of traffic signal luminaires and it can be applied to quality evaluation and quality control. Fully meet the Final Report PC13050202 Oregon, ECE-R65, FMVSS108, GB13954 and GB 25991 Standards.

• Rotations of samples under test around both vertical axis (-90°~+90°) and horizontal axis (-35°~+35°)
• Accuracy of angle: 0.1°
• Resolution of angle: 0.01°
• Photometer detector: CIE class A (standard class) accuracy
• Software controls everything with high intellectual faculties and simple operation

By selecting different test scheme and jig, you can replace different samples under test rapidly.


LSG-1950S Goniophotometer for Traffic Signal Lamps Brochure Final Report PC13050202 Oregon 2012 A Standard Free Download ECE-R65 2005 Standard Free Download FMVSS108 Standard Free Download GB13954-2004 Standard Free Download GB13954-2009 Standard Free Download GB 25991-2010 Standard Free Download