IEC60335 Power Cord Bending Tester

Product No: SW-6

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SW-6 Power Cord Flexibility Bending Tester is fully designed according to the IEC standard, and can also be costumer-sized depends on the samples’ type and the costumer‘s requirement.

SW-6 Power Cord Bending Tester

SW-2 Power Cord Bending Tester

• Fully meets the requirements of IEC60335、IEC60598、GB7000 and GB4706.
• Provide different type of fixtures. Each position can do the test independently.
• Normal mode is 2 position type(For the test lab) and 6 Position (For the factory and production line). If necessary can be costumer-sized.

• Power supply:AC220V 50/60HZ   12KVA
• Control mode: PLC with touch screen and Servo motor.
• Test Speed: 10~60times/min (Adjustable)
• Test Degree: 0~540° (Adjustable)
• Counter: 0~999999 (Can be pre-set)
• Weight: 5N,10N,20N. 2Sets. (6Position type will have 6 Sets)
• Position: 2/6
• Load Current: 0~20A (Adjustable)
• Angle plate: Can check the test situation
• Sample fixture: Can be costumer-sized.
• Can do power line bending test (The User need prepare sample and power supply ), Can record the number of the sample’s work with load.