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Product No: LEDLS-60

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LEDLS-60/LEDLS-12 LED Driver online tester is according to IEC62384: 2011 and GB/T 24825-2009.

• The tester includes A Group Measuring Module and B Group Measuring Module. The A Group measuring module can test 6pcs LED Driver AC Parameters. The B Group measuring module can test 6pcs LED Driver AC, DC and AC/DC Parameters.
• There are 12 windows to display the input and output parameters, it is good for comparing and analyses.
• Quick test for all of the parameters in 0.1 seconds.
• It can set up the testing parameters PASS/FAIL range, it will have Noise/Light warning if it is Fail. We also supply handle port (Extra cost)
• Software communicate with PC (Extra cost)

• The LEDLS-12 has one channel which can test 6 LED Driver input and output parameters at one time (or 12 LED Driver input or output parameters at one time).
• The LEDLS-60 has ten channels which can test 60 LED Driver input and output parameters at one time.
•The tester can measure the following parameters:
1). Input Parameter Test (AC) in RMS value: U, I, P, PF, Hz, THD
2). Output Parameter Test (AC/DC) in RMS or Average value: U, I, P, PF, Efficiency, Ripple Wave Current
3). The Hardmonic Test: THD and harmonic components test of 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 (total 50 is option)
• The LEDLS-60 has 8inch LCD screen to display all of the test parameters, the LEDLS-12 has 12 windows to display all the test parameters
• The test speed is quick: The LEDLS-60 needs only 20s include the LED load light on and test. The LEDLS-12 needs only 2s include the LED load light on the test
• They only need to connect six LED DC electric load (LISUN M9822) or LED lamp to do test
• It allows to set upper or lower limit, it will have Noisy/Light warning if the test results were over limit.
• The manual trigger and software connect to PC to storage test results are option (extra cost)


LED Driver Online Tester Brochure IEC62384-2006 Standard Free Download IEC62384-2011 Standard Free Download GB/T-24825 2009 Standard Free Download IEC62384 2006 Chinese Version Standard Free Download