Self-ballasted lamp switches of GB16915.1-2014

Product No: SBLL-3P20A

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This equipment is used to test the load on-off capability of the self-ballasted lamp switch. Check whether the switch has continuous arc flash, whether the contacts are welded, whether there are long-term contact closures and disconnections, check whether there is excessive wear or other damage. The self-ballasted lamp switch should withstand the electrical and thermal stresses that occur when controlling the LED circuit and without excessive damage or other harmful effects. The SBLL-3P20A fully meets the requirements for controlling self-ballasted lamp switches of GB16915.1-2014 Clause 19.3 and IEC60669-1: 2017 Clause 19.3.

• Digital display voltage value: 0~300V, accuracy: Class 0.5. Digital display power value: 0~9KW, accuracy: Class 0.5
• Each preset switch rated voltage: AC 250V, and rated current: 10A, 13A, 16A, 20A four gears available
• Equipped with a voltage regulating device, it can reach 250V AC voltage required for switching test without connecting external voltage regulator
• Adjustable input voltage to ensure test voltage AC 250V
• All working parameters are set according to AC 250V, including W, Ipeak, I2t and current surge waveform. This load has preset the load conditions required by the standard before leaving the factory. As long as the test voltage is adjusted to AC 250V, the operator presses the same switch button as the rated current of the switch to be tested, it’s rated power, surge waveform, Ipeak and I2t will meet standard requirement.
• Convenient and intuitive to use: Digital input voltage and output power, and the pointer type ammeter can observe the current impact.
• The number of work stations is 3, that is, it can test 3 switches at the same time
• Each set of equipment provides a closing control device, which is turned on at a 90-degree angle each time. This function can be used for initial equipment calibration and measurement verification
• With metering mode and metering dedicated port, built-in 90-degree closing board, convenient to measure the output waveform. The Ipeak current value and I2t energy value fully meet the standard requirements for equipment measurement
• With long-break/long-pass protection function, protection time:1~99s can be preset. There will be an alarm prompt if shutdown during protection
• Power supply:Single Phase AC 220V/50Hz

Refer to the IEC StandardThe current peak value of the type of power distribution system corresponding to the load test of this device is as in IEC60669-1:2017 Table 19:

IEC 60669-1:2017

IEC 60669-1:2017

Refer to the GB StandardThe current peak value of the type of power distribution system corresponding to the load test of this device is as in GB16915.1-2014 Table 19:

GB16915.1-2014 Clause 19.3