CCD Spectroradiometer for Scientific Grade

Product No: LMS-9500B

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LMS-9500 Scientific Grade High Accuracy CCD Array Color Spectroradiometer fully meets Energy Star IESNA LM-79 and GB/T24824 standards etc. It can test CFL, HID, Promise Light, Tungsten Halogen Lamps, which can reach the scientific grade measurement accuracy. The instrument is traceable to the Chinese National Institute of Metrology(NIM) and the USA NIST standards.LMS-9500 is composed of Concave Average Diffraction Grating and Scientific Grade CCD, and it uses unique stray light control technology, wide dynamic linear technology, precision CCD electronic drive technology and complex matrix software technology. 
Fully meet CIE 177, CIE84CIE-13.3 , IES LM-79, Optical-Engineering-49-3-033602, GB/T-5702, GB/T-7922 , GB/T-20145, GB/T-24824and IES LM 79-08

• CCD detector: Hamamatsu TE-cooled (Temp: -10°C ±0.05°C) high sensitivity back-thinned CCD (LMS-9500B), Hamamatsu high sensitivity back-thinned CCD (LMS-9500A)
• Spectral wavelength range: 380nm~800nm (200~800nm and 380~1050nm are optional)
• Spectral wavelength accuracy: ±0.2nm, Resolution: ±0.1nm, Sample scanning steps: ±0.1nm
• Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate (Δx, Δy): ±0.0015
• Correlated color temperature CCT: 1, 500K~100, 000K, CCT accuracy: ±0.2%
• Color rendering index range: 0~100.0, Accuracy: ±(0.3%rd±0.3)
• Photometric linear: ±0.2%, Stray light: <0.015%(600nm) and <0.03% (435nm)
• Integration time: 0.1ms-60s
• Total flux testing method: spectrum, photometric and spectrum with photometric revision
• Spectrum senors: SMA905 optical fiber


LPCE-2(LMS-9500) Scientific Grade Ccd Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere System Brochure CIE-13.3 1995 Standard Free Download CIE-84 1989 Standard Free Download CIE-177 2007 Standard Free Download IESNA-LM-79-08 2008 Standard Free Download Optical Engineering-49-3-033602 2010 Color Quality Scale CQS Standard Free Download GB/T-5702 2003 Standard Free Download GB/T-7922 2008 Standard Free Download GB/T-20145 2006 Standard Free Download GB/T-24824 2009 Standard Free Download