ETEU-SP10K series voltage stabilizer

Product No: ETEU-SP10K

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Voltage Stabilizer is composed of contact type autocoupling voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit, etc. When the grid voltage is unstable or the load changes, the automatic sampling control circuit sends a signal to drive the servo motor, adjust the position of the carbon brush of the autocoupling voltage regulator, adjust the output voltage to the rated value and reach a steady state. It has the advantages of undistorted waveform, high efficiency, reliable performance, long-term operation, etc. ETEU-SP10K series voltage stabilizer is suitable for office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household appliances, lighting systems, communication systems and any other places where electricity is used. It is an ideal stabilized power supply to ensure your electricity consumption Equipment can operate normally. It can work with Isolation Transformer ITEU-SP4K to supply a more pure power for the test instruments. 

• Single Phase output current = Power * 80% / Ouput voltage
• Three Phases output current = Power * 80% / 1.732 / Output voltage
• Input voltage = Customers’ local rated voltage (Please inform the exactly input voltage when order)
• Ouput Power = Actual power *2
• Voltage Output Tolerance: +/-3%

LISUN Model Input voltage Output voltage(+/-3%) Power
ETEU-SP1K Single Phase/198-264V Single Phase/220V 1KVA
ETEU-SP5K Single Phase/198-264V Single Phase/220V 5KVA
ETEU-SP10K Single Phase/198-264V Single Phase/220V 10KVA
ETEU-SP15K Single Phase/198-264V Single Phase/220V 15KVA
ETEU-SP20K Single Phase/198-264V Single Phase/220V 20KVA
ETEU-SP25K Single Phase/198-264V Single Phase/220V 25KVA
ETEU-SP30K Single Phase/198-264V Single Phase/220V 30KVA
ETUS-SP1K Single Phase/99-132V Single Phase/220V 1KVA
ETUS-SP5K Single Phase/99-132V Single Phase/220V 5KVA
ETUS-SP10K Single Phase/99-132V Single Phase/220V 10KVA
ETUS-SP15K Single Phase/99-132V Single Phase/220V 15KVA
ETUS-SP20K Single Phase/99-132V Single Phase/220V 20KVA
ETUS-SP25K Single Phase/99-132V Single Phase/220V 25KVA
ETUS-SP30K Single Phase/99-132V Single Phase/220V 30KVA
ETEU-TP6K Three Phases340-480V Three Phases/380V 6KVA
ETEU-TP10K Three Phases340-480V Three Phases/380V 10KVA
ETEU-TP15K Three Phases340-480V Three Phases/380V 15KVA
ETEU-TP20K Three Phases340-480V Three Phases/380V 20KVA
ETEU-TP25K Three Phases340-480V Three Phases/380V 25KVA
ETEU-TP30K Three Phases340-480V Three Phases/380V 30KVA
ETUS-TP6K Three Phases198-264V Three Phases/380V 6KVA
ETUS-TP10K Three Phases198-264V Three Phases/380V 10KVA
ETUS-TP15K Three Phases198-264V Three Phases/380V 15KVA
ETUS-TP20K Three Phases198-264V Three Phases/380V 20KVA
ETUS-TP25K Three Phases198-264V Three Phases/380V 25KVA
ETUS-TP30K Three Phases198-264V Three Phases/380V 30KVA
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