IEC60360 temperature-rise of the burner and lamp Test

Product No: TMP-L

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The TMP-L Lamp Cap Temperature Rise Test System is according to IEC60360, GB2512 (Standard method of measurement of lamp cap temperature rise), IEC60598 and GB7000.1. It is used to test the working and environmental temperature as well as temperature-rise of the burner and lamp. 

• 8 channels temperature measurement to simultaneously display temperature rise curve
• K type thermocouple Sensors
• Temperature range: -40~300℃ and testing accuracy: Class 0.5
• Freely set up for channel sequence when circle monitoring
• Capable of circle monitoring, single monitoring, printing and communication with PC
• Application software on Wind7, 8 and 10 to track the changing of the selected channel temperature
• Lamp holder: E14, E27, E40 and B22d (other type holders are optional)

LISUN Model Inner Size (L*W*H) Out Size (L*W*H)
TMP-LS 900*900*900mm 1200*1200*1150mm
TMP-LM 1200*1000*1800mm 1500*1300*1950mm
TMP-LB 1800*1800*1800mm 1950*1950*2150mm

P.S. TMP-LX Other size can be designed according to customers’ request. The TMP-LB is fully meet IEC60598 and GB7000.1 Appendix D requirements.


IEC60360 1998 Standard Free Download QBT-2512 2001 Standard Free Download