IEC 61000-4-5 Lightning surge immunity

Product No: SG61000-5

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The SG61000-5 fully automatic surge generator (lightning surge immunity test) provides a common basis for evaluating the resistance of power cords and internal connectors of different equipment to high energy transient interference caused by natural lightning surge induction and large capacity load switching. It fully meets the IEC 61000-4-5, EN61000-4-5 and GB/T17626.5 standards.


Product Model SG61000-5SA SG61000-5SB SG61000-5 SG61000-5H-SP SG61000-5T
Output Voltage (Open) 1.2/50μs±20% 1.2/50μs±20% 1.2/50μs±20% 1.2/50μs±20% 1.2/50μs±20%
Output Current (Short) 8/20μs±20% 8/20μs±20% 8/20μs±20% 8/20μs±20% 8/20μs±20%
Output Impedance 2Ω and 12Ω 2Ω and 12Ω 2Ω and 12Ω 2Ω 12Ω and 500Ω 2Ω and 12Ω
Output Voltage Range 0~4.8KV±10% 0~4.8KV±10% 0~6KV±10% 0~10KV±10% 0~6KV±10%
Output Current Range 0~2.4KA±10% 0~2.4KA±10% 0~3KA±10% 0~5KA±10% 0~3KA±10%
Surge Repetition 1~9999 times 1~9999 times 1~9999 times 1~9999 times 1~9999 times
Interval Time 20~9999s 20~9999s 20~9999s 30~9999s 20~9999s
Polarity Positive, Negative or Positive/Negative automatic
Phase Shift Asynchronous, Synchronization 0°~ 360° or Specific Angle
Special Function N/A Built-in High voltage and current 2000:1 attenuator probe (Less than 10KV surge generator is 1000:1), connect with LISUN OSP1102 directly
Operation Way Button Input Touch screen with super big LCD and built-in Windows CE
Dimensions (WxDxH) 44x45x35cm 44x45x35cm 44x45x35cm 56x69x155cm 44x45x55cm
Gross Weight About 30kg About 30kg About 30kg About 270kg About 48kg
Network (CDN)
Includes a 16A single phase CDN Includes a 20A 3phases CDN
Isolution Transformer
for EUT (Optional)
LISUN ITEU-SP4K (220V Single phase) or ITUS-SP2K (110V) LISUN ITEU-TP10K or ITUS-TP5K

Remark: 12KV, 15KV, 20KV and any other higher voltage Surge Generator can be designed according to your requirement.

Due to the high voltage risk during the Surge Test, we suggest you to option choose the Protect Device for Surge Test PD-E01 to together work with Surge Generator SG61000-5 (The PD-E01 inside size is 30*30*30cm for EUT, other size need to special design)

Protect Device for Surge Test PD-E01

We suggest you choose LISUN SG-DESK Surge Generator desk to work with SG61000-5 Surge Generator and Isolation Transformer.

SG-DESK Surge Generator Desk

6KV Short Circuit Current Output Waveform (780:1)                 6KV Open Circuit Voltage Output Waveform (1000:1)


SG61000-5H15 Calibrate Certificate SG61000-5 Calibrate Certificate EN61000-4-5 1995 Standard Free Download IEC61000-4-5 2014 Standard Free Download GB∕T17626.5-2019 Standard Free Lownload


IEC61000-4-5 Surge Generator Operation Usage and Waveform Viewing


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