Surge Monitor

Product No: SG-M10

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SG-M10 Surge Monitor built-in surge voltage and current probe. After connecting with LISUN OSP1102 Digital Oscilloscope, it can real-time monitor Surge Generator SG61000-5SA/SB and SG61000-5NA/NB surge 1.2/50us and 8/20us output waveform, real-time display of surge peak voltage and peak current, and real-time monitor surge breakdown voltage and breakdown current of EUT. Thus make the surge test process more direct and facilitate fault diagnosis.

Optimized for the surge waveforms specified in GB/T 17626.5 and IEC 61000-4-5. The test results with high accuracy and good stability.

Maximum peak voltage

±10kV ±10%

Maximum peak current

±5kA ±10%

Voltage attenuation ratio


Current attenuation ratio




Surge peak voltage and peak current display

LCD synchronous display

Surge voltage and current monitoring output

BNC coaxial terminal, ≥1MΩ

Power Supply

AC220±10% 50/60Hz (110V customizable)


SG-M10 Surge Monitor Brochure