IEC61000-4-12 Ring Wave Generator

Product No: RWG61000-12

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Ring wave test generator is designed according to the IEC (the International Electro technical Commission) standard IEC61000-4-12, EN61000-4-12, ANSI-C62-41 and GB/T17626.12. This instrument is used for the simulative electrical network, the power supply of the reactive load and the control line switch, as well as sensing the ring wave of the low voltage cables terminal equipment caused by the disconnection of the power circuit, fault and insulation breakdown or lightning stroke. The RWG61000-12 series products have LCD display in both English and Chinese.


Product Model RWG61000-12 RWG61000-12T RWG61000-12A RWG61000-12AT
Output Voltage 0~4KV 0~6KV
Voltage/Current Wave Open circuit voltage wave: frontier: 0.5μs±20%. Short circuit current wave: frontier: ≤1μs. Oscillation frequency: 100kHz±10%
Polarity Positive, Negative or Positive/Negative automatic
Phase Shift Asynchronous, Synchronization 0°~360° or Specific Angle
Output Impedance 12Ω, 30Ω
Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) Includes a 16A single phase Includes a 20A 3phases/5wires Includes a 16A single phase Includes a 20A 3phases/5wires
Working Power AC220V (Option 110V) ±10%, 50/60Hz
Dimension (DxWxH) 44x45x35cm 44x45x20cm 44x45x35cm (CDN) 44x45x30cm 44x45x20cm (CDN) 44x45x30cm 44x45x35cm (CDN)
Gross Weight About 28kg About 46kg About 45kg About 48kg


Super big LCD touch screen and built-in Windows CE


Ring Wave Generator Waveform


ANSI-C62.41 1991 Standard Free Download IEC 61000-4-12 2006 Standard Free Download GB/T-17626.12 1998 Standard Free Download