Lamp Preheat Assistant Source

Product No: LPS-3

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The LPS-3 works with HFP-800 (High Frequency Power Supply) and RB-3 (Adjustable Resistance Ballast) to be an IEC Standard Test System which used to test the Frequency Fluorescent Lamp such as T5 Tube. Please visit this page to view How to Measure the High Frequency Fluorescent Lamp. It is according to ANSI-ANSLG-C78.81 , ANSI-ANSLG-C82.11, IEC62776, GB/T-10682 , GB/T-15144 Standard.

• Double program controlled current power source output and easy to operate
• Adopt the program to control the preheat time
• Shows the degree directly, it is easy to read data such as preheat current and preheat time
• Alarm automatically if connection to the load is incorrect or something is wrong with the lamp
• It is according to double-ended fluorescent lamp adoptting the IEC 60081 (GB/T10682) and the single-ended fluorescent lamp adoptting the IEC 60901 (GB/T17262)

• Range about Double program controlled current power source output: 0~1.500A (It can be adjustable continuously)
• Adjustable pre-heat time for filament: 0~10.00s (It can be adjustable continuously)
• The accuracy of the current power source: 2mA

High Frequency Fluorescent Lamp Test System


LPS-3 Calibrate Certificate ANSI-ANSLG-C78.81 2013 Standard Free Download ANSI-ANSLG-C82.11 2011 Standard Free Download ANSI-C78.81 2010 Standard Free Download ANSI-C78.81 2014 Standard Free Download IEC60081 2002 Standard Free Download IEC62776 2014 Standard Free Download GB/T-10682 2002 Standard Free Download GB/T-15144 2005 Standard Free Download GB/T-17262 2002 Standard Free Download IESLM-79-LM-80 Chinese Version Free Download