Frequency conversion AC Power Souce

Product No: LSP-500VAS

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Digital Adjustable AC Power Supply specifications:

• AC-DC-AC frequency conversion technology, Controlled & tested by 16 bits MCU
• Protection for over hot, thundering voltage and current
• Total voltage distortion: ≤0.2%; Voltage stability: ≤0.1%/30min
• Download
• Output voltage range: AC 0.0~300.0V, Output Frequency Range: 45~70Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz and 400Hz
• Input Power: single phase 220V and 50/60Hz (other input spec can be option)
• Communicate with PC via software, the Voltage & Current set by the software and Power Output can be remote controlled.

Lisun Model Output Power Specification (single phase output)
LSP-500VAS 500W 0~150V is 4.2A and 150~300V is 2.1A
LSP-1KVAS 1000W 0~150V is 8.4A and 150~300V is 4.2A
LSP-2KVAS 2000W 0~150V is 16.8A and 150~300V is 8.4A
LSP-3KVAS 3000W 0~150V is 25A and 150~300V is 12.5A
LSP-5KVAS 5000W 0~150V is 42A and 150~300V is 21A
LSP-10KVAS 10KW 0~150V is 84A and 150~300V is 42A

Note: other output voltage and power can be designed according to customer’s request.