Black Body Furnace

Product No: BBF-1

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Black Body Furnace is according to GB-T 21417.1-2008, GB-T21416-2008,etc. It is mainly used for the calibration of various electronic infrared ear thermometers and infrared forehead thermometers, and can also be used for the calibration of infrared body surface screening instruments.

The Black Body Furnace use the temperature circulation system independently developed by our company and new materials, make the surface temperature of the black body more uniform, the emissivity can reach to more than 0.99. It can eliminate the error caused by the infrared temperature measurement system because of the complex environment, and can effectively achieve the measurement accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃. It can improve the reliability of the infrared temperature measurement system and reduce the error detection rate. With high quality, has obtained the CNAS calibration certificate from the third-party laboratory.

•  Operation temperature: 35 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ adjustable;
•  Temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃;
•  Temperature stability: ± (0.1 ~ 0.2) ℃ / 10min
•  Cavity emissivity: ≥0.99; Cavity diameter: 55mm
•  Heating time: More than 15 minutes
•  Power supply: AC 110V~220V/50Hz, 100W
•  Net Weight:3.5Kg; dimension:110mm*270mm*380mm(Height*Width*Depth)


GBT21416:2008 Standard Free Download GBT21417.1:2008 Standard Free Download