High Arc Current Ignition Testing

Product No: HCAI-2

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The HCAI-2 High Current Arc Ignition Test System is according to IEC 60950-1:2001, BS EN 60950-1:2001, BS 7002:2000, GB 4943.1-2011<Safety of Information Technology Equipment>, UL746A, IEC60947.1: 1999, GB/T14048.1-2000, IEC730.1:1993, GB14536.1-2008 and other relevant standards. It used on parts and components of insulating materials or other solid combustible materials that are prone to flame spread in electrical and electronic equipment may ignite due to proximity or contact with electric arc, causing electrical fire and endangering the reliable operation of equipment and personal safety. This system is suitable for lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tools, electrical machinery, power tools, electronic instruments, electrical instruments, information technology equipment, electrical affairs equipment, electrical connectors and accessories research, production and QC department. It also suitable used in insolating materials, engineering plastics or other solid combustible materials industry.

Test principle: The arc ignition is repeated on the surface of the sample to 200 times, and the high current arc ignition resistance performance of the sample is evaluated by whether the sample ignites under the specified number of arc ignition.

System Configuration:
• Screen: 7-inch touch screen.
• Control System: PLC.
• 40A Power Meter: Real-time display of current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor, and with alarm function.
• Test power supply: voltage, current and power factor are adjustable. Current: 0-40A, Voltage: 125-150V, Power Factor: 0.3-0.9.
• Equipped with a fan exhaust system, built-in LED lighting, and all electrical parts adopt world-renowned brands such as Schneider.

• Electrode materials: copper (electrostatic electrode), stainless steel (movable electrode);
• Electrode size: ф3.2mm~ф3.5mm 30° chisel end (static electrode),ф3.0mm 60° cone end (moving electrode);
• Electrode angle: 45° from the horizontal plane;
• Test voltage: 220V;
• Arcing current: 33±5%A (Adjustable);
• Arcing power factor: COSφ0.5±0.05 (Adjustable);
• Arcing speed: 254mm / s ± 25mm / s;
• Arc ignition frequency: 40 times / min (Adjustable);
• Number of arcs: 200 times (Can preset);
• Sample size: 130mm*13mm*(2~12)mm;
• Test Power Supply: 220V/10kVA/50Hz

Set the test times, test rate, and load current on the touch screen.  Click to “start test” after adjusting the power factor to 0.5, and the test will be automatically performed according to the set requirements. After the test is over, the test power will be automatically cut off and buzzer alarm will appear. 


IEC60950-1 Standard Free Download GB- 4943 2001 Standard Free Download