Test Device for Threaded Sealing Cover

Product No: LWMF-1

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LWMF-1 Test Device for Threaded Sealing Cover meets the requirements of GB7000.1. It is used to assess the mechanical strength of threaded Sealing Cover and lamps. It is an ideal testing equipment for professional testing institutions and quality inspection departments of product manufacturers.

• Power: AC220V/50HZ, 10A;
• Control method: Automatic;
• Torque value: 6.25Nm, 7.5Nm, 10 Nm , 2.5 Nm, 3.25 Nm, 5 Nm;
• Diameter of metal rod for screw cover: 6-20 mm, 1mm interval, total 15 pieces;
• Counting range: 0~9999 times;
• Timing range: 0.01s~99.99s.


GB7000.1-2015 Standard Free Download