Electronic Ballast for input and output characteristatic test

Product No: UI2000-OK

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Electronic Ballast Production Line Tester Specifications:

• Eight windows for displaying input characteristics, output characteristics, convenient for comparison and analysis.
• Frequency response for testing input current up to 1 MHz, suitable for precise testing of various kind of electronic ballast.
• High speed testing, finish testing input and output characteristics within 1 minute.
• Portable with built-in chip micro-processor, particular suitable for development and spot production.
• Parameters, waves and curves of input, output and startup can be printed.
• Communicating with PC, special software provided and both Chinese version and English version available. Run in WINDOWS operation system, nice interface between people and computer, easy to operate.

Technical parameters:
1) Testing input parameters
• Measuring voltage, current, power, power factor, power net frequency, total harmonic and 0-39 component of harmonic.
• Printing data and curve
• Range of basic wave frequency of voltage and current: 45Hz – 65Hz
• Range of narrow band: 45Hz – 5 kHz
• Range of broad band: 45Hz – 1MHz
• Voltage range: 10 – 300V (virtual value)
• Current range: 10mA – 2A (virtual value)
• Power range: 0 – 600W
• Power factor range: 0.000 – 1.000
• Accuracy: 0.5 class
2) Testing stable output parameters
• Measuring lamp voltage, lamp current, lamp power, filament current, imported cathodic current, crest factor, oscillatory frequency.
• Printing data and curve.
• Range of lamp voltage: 10 – 250V
• Range of lamp current, filament current, guided cathodic current: 10 – 800mA
• Range of lamp power: 1 – 160W
• Accuracy: 2 class
3) Testing output parameters during start-up
• Measuring pre-heating time, changing curve and data at the first 0-5 minutes of lamp voltage, lamp current, filament current, guided cathodic current, crest.
• Range of lamp voltage: 10 – 800V
• Range of lamp current, filament current, guided cathodic current: 10mA – 2A.
• Accuracy: 2 class

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