High Power LED Aging Tester

Product No: LS600

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High Power LED Aging Test Machine is designed to measure the aging & life of 64pcs power LEDs products simultaneously and separately, such as 1W, 3W, 5W LED. Two drive methods available: constant current drive and impact pulse drive: one current value sent in a separate group with 8pcs products; output frequency and duty ratio free set for impact pulse drive mode.

• The standard LS600 has 1 Group which has 8 channels. That means LS600 can test 8 LEDs separately at one time. (Optional: it expand to 8 Groups which can test 64 LEDs separately at one time)
• Aging Functions: Constant Current, Impact Pulse, On/Off Mode
• Output current: 1~1000mA (Special Order Available)
• Output voltage: 5V(Special Order Available)
• Output frequency: 1~3000Hz, Duty Ratio: 1%-99%
• Range of on-off circle: 0~9999h/59m/59s