Optical Path Converter

Product No: LS512B

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There are many LED manufactories using two integrating spheres and one spectroradiometer to do test. The previous testing way is: when you use big sphere to test, the customer need to connect the detector cable and optical fiber from the Spectrophotometer to the big sphere, after the calibrating and then you can do the test. When you use the small sphere, you need to take away the detector cable and optical fiber from the big sphere to the small sphere, then need to calibrate again.

It is too troublesome to take out the detector cable and optical fiber between the big sphere and small sphere, and you need to calibrate again for every change. The frequent change will also shorten the life of the detector cable and optical fiber.

In order to meet the customer’s request, Lisun developed a new product LS512A/LS512B Optical Path Converter. Then you needn’t to change the optical fiber and detector between the two integrating spheres but only need to switch the LS512A/LS512B. LS512A is for LMS-5000 and two integrating spheres. LS512B is for LMS-9000 and two integrating spheres.

Please visit our blog post: New Product: LS512A Optical Path Converter for more detailed photos and the usage.