Pocket Chroma Meter

Product No: CHROMA-2

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CHROMA-2 Pocket Chroma Meter is developed based on TOSHIBA TCD1304DG linear array CCD detector. It makes traditional laboratory instrument available for the production on-line quality acceptance, thus greatly improved the efficiency of fluorescent lamp, CFL, LED.

illuminance (lux), CCT, Chromaticity Coordinates, CRI, Purity, Peak Wavelength, Dominant Wavelength, Half Bandwidth, Center Wavelength, Centroid Wavelength, Total Color Difference, Brightness Difference, Red-Green Degree, Yellow-Blue Degree, CCT Difference, SDCM Diagram, Spectrum Diagram

• It can measure all of the spectrum parameters and illuminance directly
• It can test flux with the integrating sphere (option)
• Rang of wavelength: 380nm~780nm
• Accuracy of wavelength: ±0.5nm; repeatability: ±0.2nm
• Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate: ±0.003; resolution: 0.0001
• Correlated Color Temperature range: 1500~25000K (±3%); resolution: 1K
• Power supply: 3.7V Li-Battery
• Dimension: (Width×Height×Depth) 9cm×18cm×5cm; Weight: 1kg
• The English software can be run in Win7 or Win8 via USB
Please click here to view LMS-6000 Portable CCD Spectroradiometer. This is the latest version portable measurement device.


Chroma-2 Calibrate Certificate