2D Video Luminance Meter
  • 2D Video Luminance Meter
Product No : LS-ELF
Product Name : 2D Video Luminance Meter

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LS-ELF can  record 15 frame’s 2D luminance data per second. Also LS-ELF can record the image while driving 60-80km/h speed. It can be used in many fields as Display, Light pollution, Lighting, Lab, etc.



Camera USB CCD Camera 1/4”  VGA (640*480)  (1200*1800 Extra Inquiry)
Wavelenth Sensitivity Luminosity correction filter (only Monochrome)/Using V(λ) filter
Lens 6mm fixed focus lens           H35° V26° (standard)
4mm fixed focus lens           H50° V37°
2.2mm fixed focus lens        H90° V67°
12.5-50mm zoom lens         H21° V16°
Measurement range 0.5-30000 cd/m² (ND Filter is needed over 30000 cd/m²)
Measurement accuracy ±3% (CIE Standard A light source basis)
Measurement reproducibility ±1% (CIE Standard A light source basis)
Data display The second decimal digits
OS Windows 7-10    32bits & 64bits





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