RoHS Testing Equipment (EDXRF)
  • RoHS Testing Equipment (EDXRF)
Product No : EDX-2
Product Name : RoHS Testing Equipment (EDXRF)

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Rapid development of global economy brings serious environmental issues, which is becoming the focus of all around the world. The RoHS directive EU announced on Feb 13th of 2003 became effective on Jul 1st of 2007 for the purchase of restricting the pollution caused by the dispose of electronic and electrical products. Facing this environmental protection requirement, after years of hard work on R&D, Lisun has successfully developed EDX serious EDXRF spectrometer. EDXRF can detect and measure the hazardous substances restricted in RoHS directive quickly, precisely and nondestructively.

• Nondestructive measurement, no chemical and physical damage on measured object
• High accuracy which can be similar as chemical test
• Detect and analyze more than 75 chemical elements from Sulfur to Uranium, test Range: 2ppm~99.99%
• Measure the details for the 5 restricted elements in RoHS Directive: Cd/Pb/Hg/Cr/Br
• Testing time: 60~300s
• Adopt world-famous electrical cooled detector, reliable and stable, energy resolving power is less than 160eV
• X-ray tube voltage: 5~50kV; Tube current: 50~1000uA
• High definition camera built-in; USA made high pressure module built-in; Light enhancement system
• SNR design enhanced, quick test circuit and precise numbering system
• Multi-function software and multi-substrate effect calibration module built-in

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