Transistor’s Thermal Sensitive Parameter Selector
  • Transistor’s Thermal Sensitive Parameter Selector
Product No : UI9600
Product Name : Transistor’s Thermal Sensitive Parameter Selector

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•  Parameter measured under normal temperature:
1) β (0-99)
2) Switching time T (0.01μs-99.9μs), including Tr, Ts, Tf
3) VCES (0-2V), VBE (0-2V)
4) Leakage current ICEO (0.01μA-99.9mA)
5) Withstand voltage BVCEO (50V-650V)
• Parameter measured under high temperature: VBE, β, ICEO
• Compare the measuring results VBE, β, ICEO gotten under normal and high temperature, to those changes exceeding the preset limits, the selector alarms to let operator to pick them out
•  Divide T and β into several groups, selector can display group number and alarm when measured values of VBE, β, ICEO exceed the limit, indicating the unqualified item
• Freely adjusting or setting test conditions according to requirement
A. β testing: Ib; three different Ib current: 0.1mA、1mA、10mA
B. Switching time test: Ic; 4 different Ic current: 0.5A、0.25A、0.1A、0.05A; the corresponding current Ib: 0.1A、0.05A、0.02A、0.01A
C. Heating condition for transistor:
1) Heating voltage: 5 ~ 20V Continuously adjustable
2) Heating current: 0.05 ~ 2A Continuously adjustable
3) Heating time: 0 ~ 9.9s Continuously adjustable
• Dividing value and limit value, freely set and automatically saving to any power cut; the instrument can save 20 different settings, choose one setting when using it.
• Measured values displayed in four windows which are easily read and printable.







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