LED Aging and Optical Attenuation Tester

Product No: LS822

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How to measure the LED life time is a big question for the manufactory.   LS822 aging and optical attenuation tester is developed according to LM-80. LS822 can record the Flux VS Time data and export Excel format. The professional LED design & research engineer can calculate the life after the data analysis.

Flux VS Time testing is required to work with the integrating sphere of right size. The Aging and Light Attenuation Test system is applied to LEDs, LED module, LED bulb or other LED luminaries.

• Build-in DC Power Supply: Forward current preset: 0.1-800mA (special order) Range of forward voltage: 0.1-20.00V
• Range of luminous intensity: 1mcd-3,000cd
• Range of luminous flux: 1mlm-9,999,000lm(depends on the size of sphere)
• Accuracy of photometer: class1; accuracy of electricity: class0.5
• Aging time: 9999Hours 59Munites 59Seconds
• Tolerance of time: ±1S/10H
• Record time: 16000times
• Hold data automatically when the power is off and continue to work automatically when the power is turned on.