LED Thermal and Electrical Performance Analyzer

Product No: T5

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Thermal parameter is the key index to evaluate the performance of LED. It’s very important to measure thermal characteristics of high power LED for high reliability LED applications. It will have effect on the optical parameters, electricity parameters and lifetime of LED. Therefore, design and control of the thermal dissipation is the most important thing for the manufacturers and users. LISUN designed this T5 LED Thermal Resistance and Electrical Performance Test Equipment.

Junction temperature, K factor, Forward voltage, Forward current

• Automatically record the changing curve of the parameters with time
• Measurement functions:
1) LED voltage K factor measurement
2) Track the instantaneous junction temperature changing
3) High resolution measurement of relation in Junction temperature and Voltage with time
• Programmable set thermal sink temperature
• Friendly graphic user interface provides an easy-to-use operation environment
• Test condition complies with corresponding international standard

• Temperature control range: +10 ~ +105 ℃ (Ta = 25 ℃);
• Temperature control system accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃;
• Maximum cooling power of the thermostat: 20W;
• Two ways temperature detector;