Multiplex Optical Maintenance Meter

Product No: LS280

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LS280 Multiplex LED Light Optical Maintenance Meter is used to measure optical maintenance factor for high power LEDs, LED module, LED bulb or other LED luminaries. It is the important measuring equipment for performing the reliability of illuminants.

Illuminance Maintenance curve, factor and data: lx VS time
Luminous Intensity Maintenance curve, factor and data: cd VS time
Luminous Flux Maintenance curve, factor and data: lm VS time (With Integrating Sphere)

• Freely set the time interval and time extent for automatic measurement
• LCD Display, connect with PC via RS232 and English version software.
• The test results can export Excel or PDF format and easy to compare. It can be saved by LS280 software or by USB directly.
• The engineer can do LED life analysis based on the LS280 test results.
• LS280 worked with High Power LED Aging Test (LS600), Multiplex LED Temperature Test (TMP-8/TMP-16) and High and Low Temperature & Humidity Chamber (GDJS-*B), it can do Flux VS Temperature VS Time, which is a perfect instrument system to meet LM-80 request.

• The standard LS280 has 1 Group which has 8 channels. That means that LS280 can measure 8 LED products at one time. (Optional: it can expand to 8 Groups which can test 64 LED products at one time)
• Illuminance: 0.100lx~400klx. Accuracy: ±(2.0%+0.5)
• Luminous Intensity: 10mcd~40kcd. Accuracy: ±(2.0%+0.5)
• Luminous Flux: 10mlm~9,999,000lm (Depend on the size of integrating sphere). Accuracy: ±(2.0%+0.5)
• Maximal Time Range: 9999h/59m/59s
• Precision of Timer: ±1s/10h